Sole Treadmill Reviews (Top 3)

SOLE Treadmills have been a staple of the fitness industry for decades and are consistently highly rated by reputable consumers and publications. Favored by hotels and gyms throughout North America, SOLE is one of the fastest growing fitness brands in recent years.

 And for good reason; designed for light commercial use, their treadmills have a superior quality, making their transition from gym-only equipment to home must-have effortless. Known primarily for their space-saving folding treadmills, SOLE offers their customers excellence for a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

Sole F85 Treadmill

Starting with the SOLE F85 Treadmill, the customer is presented with the largest deck offered; at an
 impressively wide 22”, with a deck length of 60”, this treadmill is suited to even the longest gait and accommodates all running styles comfortably.

The solid structural design, featuring a precision-welded frame and an epoxy powder coated paint finish, ensures that this treadmill can handle up to 400 pounds of weight and with a low-noise deck, it becomes ideal for any home user.

The F85 stands out as the best-selling folding treadmill from SOLE, partly because of the many included functions it offers its users; an easy-to-use interface displays all the expected information, such as speed, incline and distance travelled, cooling fans provide comfort during use and built-in speakers mean users can connect any MP3 player or iPod to boost their workout with their own music. SOLE recently improved the F85 with the addition of Bluetooth capabilities so users can transfer workout data from their fitness and exercise trackers for a complete experience.

 The F85 also features the Easy Assist Folding Deck Design, making folding and unfolding the running deck quick and simple. The quality of this treadmill makes the price even more competitive; at $1999.99, the SOLE F85 offers quality for a more than reasonable price which is sure to attract consumers. The ability to fold this treadmill for storage is appealing, especially considering the deck itself is considerably larger than others.

Sole TT8 Treadmill

The only non-folding treadmill offered by SOLE is the TT8, which has a slightly higher sale price of $2,499.99. Compared to other treadmills designed purely for commercial use, this treadmill offers
nearly all of the same functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Hardier than the folding models, the TT8 offers an extra-wide surface to run on and a reinforced, precision-welded framework to withstand user weight of up to 400 pounds and the stress of daily use for many years. Offering a top speed of 12 miles per hour, 15 different incline levels and 6 decline levels, the TT8 allows the user to customize their workout to their own specification and comes complete with several different programs to keep the user on track; for example,

 The Heart Rate Control program keeps the user on target for heart rate training, ideal for weight loss or endurance running practice. The TT8 also features a vibrant 10.1” LCD screen to allow the user to monitor their vitals and offer other information, such the SOLE Message Board; this alphanumeric text center provides the user with help setting up their user profile and other treadmill functions in an easy way. The Message Board also provides the user with a workout recap at the end of every session, displaying progress made.

As with other SOLE treadmills, the TT8 features Bluetooth connectivity and an inbuilt sound system, plus cooling fans for a comfortable workout and armrests for additional support. It also includes a cushioned deck, to provide shock absorption and ease the stress on joints while running. Overall, this treadmill is a sturdy, efficient and cost-effective machine with all of the features a home user could ask for.

Sole F63 Teradmill

The lowest-cost option SOLE provides is the F63 model, another folding treadmill. With a weight of just over 250 pounds, this model seems as though it might not be as sturdy as the other two mentioned;
despite this, the F63 can withstand a user weight of up to 325 pounds and features the same precision-welded frame as the more expensive models, meaning the construction is designed to last for many years.

This treadmill also offers the Cushion Flex Deck to reduce joint stress, just like the more expensive models offered. This SOLE treadmill is certainly more compact, with a deck width of 20” and a smaller 6.5” LCD screen. These factors make this treadmill more appealing for a user with limited workout space, such as a studio apartment, while continuing to provide a high-quality piece of exercise machinery. As a folding model, the F63 does not offer decline levels but offers the same 15 incline levels and a top speed of 12 miles per hour as the more expensive versions.

This treadmill also features the Easy Assist folding with the Safety Lock Design to ensure security and user peace of mind when folded upright. Not wanting to compromise on quality, even the least expensive treadmill has the heaviest flywheels, which extends the life of the motor and allows for a smoother, more fluid run, comparable to treadmills costing thousands of dollars more.


At $999.99 sale price, the F63 is the most cost effective treadmill available from SOLE and while some features are not available, such as the large display screen and ability to decline the deck, for a more casual home user the features won’t be missed.

Purely from a value point of view, the F63 offers everything a home user would want for a fraction of the price they would normally pay for a treadmill of this quality. However, in terms of functionality, the clear forerunner is the TT8; offering an experience as close to outside running as possible with an indoor machine, this SOLE treadmill gives the user everything they could need to maximize their workout.

From 10 pre-installed workout programs to customizable settings plus the appealing, user-friendly Message Board, even an absolute beginner would find the TT8 easy to use and fun to workout with. As the most expensive treadmill, it stands to reason that the TT8 would offer so much more but it also asks the user to compromise on floor space, thus not ideal for those working out in a limited area.

However, when compared even to the F85 at $500 less, the quality assurance to the user is worth every cent; an indestructible frame with a lifetime guarantee, both light commercial and standard warranties and the added benefit of decline levels make the TT8 the stand out choice for a home use treadmill.


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